Special Measuring Tasks

Nothing is impossible

Nothing is impossible For special measuring tasks, we offer other software packages developed and maintained within the WENZEL Group.

  • PIPEMeas
    for piping sampling and measuring
    for acceptance of cuts and forming lines of models
    for milling of models
  • TGear XY
    for the measurement of gears without a rotary table
  • Position
    for the graphical representation of position deviations
  • EllipseCalc
    for the calculation of the striking features of the ellipse
  • EMA
    for the measurement of electric motors (air gap, reeling)
  • Rundheit
    for measuring the roundness of the piston, piston pin bore
  • Blade Analyzer
    for the calculation of the distinctive characteristics of a blade
  • ThroatAnalyzer
    to calculate the quality of a blade, by means of variable characteristics (based on blade analyzer)
Other software packages on request.