Fully automatic stylus cleaning with the WENZEL StylusCleaner

May 31st, 2021 - Extension of the market launch until September 30th, 2021.

WENZEL StylusCleaner

Ideal measuring conditions are not always given in industry, especially close to production. Therefore it can happen that the stylus gets dirty quickly, which can strongly influence the measuring result.

Now we have a solution for this: The StylusCleaner from WENZEL can clean your stylus fully automatically, even as part of the measuring program.

In only 20 seconds the stylus is clean and you are spared a time-consuming recalibration.

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Benefit from the market launch of the new WENZEL StylusCleaner! WENZEL StylusCleaner
If you decide to purchase the new WENZEL StylusCleaner by 30th of September 2021, you will receive the following for the all-inclusive price of CHF 3,900 *:

  • StylusCleaner
  • Installation at your site by our service technicians
  • Return trip of our service technician included

* valid for locations in Switzerland

mail: info@wenzel-metromec.ch
phone: 081 257 07 00