Metrosoft CM

End-of-Life: Sales and Support of Metrosoft CM will be discontinued

Each software product has a life cycle. It begins with the product release and ends when a product is no longer supported or replaced by another product.

Metrosoft CM has reached the end of product life cycle for various reasons and is now definitely replaced by Metrosoft QUARTIS.

End of sale: 31. March 2016
This was the latest possible date for an order of Metrosoft CM by a WENZEL subsidiary or sales representation. This applies to new licenses and updates.

End of support: 30. June 2017
Limited support is granted up to the end of support. Metrosoft CM is no longer being maintained. No new features will be implemented and also no existing functionality extended or updated.
We kindly recommend to all Metrosoft CM users, switiching to Metrosoft QUARTIS as soon as possible!
As a good-will gesture and provided that it's feasible, we will continue providing help to all Metrosoft CM users over our hotline. Plase note, that this does not create an entitlement for any further support regarding Metrosoft CM.